Why You Should Start An Internet Radio Station

Over the years, software and Internet technology have improved so much that it’s now possible to set up your very own radio station online. If you’ve got something that you want to get off your chest or you simply want to share your personal taste in music you can broadcast live or play something that is pre-recorded. It can be very empowering to have the knowledge that complete strangers are listening to what you have to say and it’s certainly a great way to relieve stress, have fun, relax and potentially make new friends. There are many benefits to starting up your own radio station.

Local Business

With the current economic downturn, many smaller businesses are suffering because the fact is that people are simply spending less. By promoting the services or products that your company offers live on the airwaves, you could attract brand new customers and thus boost your financial situation. As well as letting people know about your business, you could also advertise special promotions where discounts are available, or mention if you’re having a sale in the future. There is absolutely nothing to lose by being your own PA and pushing your brand during an internet radio broadcast.

To share your hobby

You may be a keen surfer or a golf fanatic and want to reach out to like minded people. Broadcasting is the ideal way to interact with other enthusiasts who could contact the program with tips and anecdotes to share with everyone else. Perhaps you love baking cakes or needlepoint. The Internet radio is for both sexes and is a great channel for expressing opinions, techniques, sharing recipes and other ideas. Sometimes these kinds of broadcasts can start off a new trend as they allow people to learn about different interests.


There is so much competition in the recording industry that you will probably have many doors slammed in your face before you get that elusive contract. By creating your own Internet radio station you can let your own voice be heard. If you write your own songs then maybe you have already made a CD which may be heard by a record producer. You never know who could be listening. The likes of YouTube have made many people rich and famous because the right person just happened to tune in and see or hear them perform. The same could potentially happen to you if you’re patient and persistent. At the end of the day, most people deserve a lucky break, and your own personal live broadcast on the Internet radio airwaves could provide the success that you have long craved.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

The great thing about an education establishment having their own Internet radio station is that they can keep students and parents informed about important information. For example, if the school has to close due to heavy snow or flooding, you would have the ability to reach everyone at once. It’s far more convenient than sending over a thousand cell phone messages or telephoning every student. Kids could take turns in being on the airwaves during lunch breaks. They could talk about things that are current and play music that’s popular with the students.

It’s relatively easy to get up and running. You need a PC and broadband access primarily to get started. In order to ensure that you get heard by as many listeners as possible it’s important to consider what the speciality of your radio station is going to be. Decide whether you are going to want to gain financially from broadcasting or whether you’re simply doing it because you want to have fun. Try and make your station unique because you will be competing with terrestrial channels as well as thousands of other broadcasters. Research whether you need permission to play certain audio recordings before you go on air to prevent any potential royalty issues.

If you’re the type of person who likes to hand pick a play list for a long road trip or long haul flight then you probably have a natural ability to be a DJ and will benefit from setting up your own radio station. You could practice your skills while you’re still at school and perhaps consider this line of work for a future career. The world really is your broadcasting oyster!