Why you need to a website for your internet radio station

The power of having a website for your internet radio station is immense. You are able to drive search traffic, create a social media hub, brand your business, and display your services all from one place.

A website acts as a central place for you to coordinate your marketing efforts online. Without this coordinated effort, you are dependent upon third-party platforms to convey your message correctly.

Why You Need A Website For Your Internet Radio Station

First, websites are tremendous brand builders for your internet radio station. In some industries, clients do not want to use a business’s services if they do not have a website. The clients see the internet presence as a sign of legitimacy for business owners.

The same philosophy applies to internet radio stations. While radio stations in the past had their studios, you need a website to display your past episodes and future shows.

Give people a taste of how your radio station can entertain and educate them depending upon the stations niche. Let them find out about upcoming guests and interact in comment and forum sections of your website. Some popular internet radio stations might even consider setting up a social network for the listeners.

Second, websites are essential for driving search traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The search engines drive traffic, and in turn more listeners to your station, through the consistent content they crawl. Search engine crawling refers to the automated process search engines regularly use to find new content from websites.

Quick note: Make sure your content is not just audio content from the radio if you want the search engines to rank your site higher. If you can, transcribe your shows into a written form. Google’s robot crawlers will be more likely to understand the text versus the podcasts and MP3’s from your radio station.

Also, use software like Camtasia, Windows Live Movie Maker, or Mac Movie Maker to add graphics to your shows. This way you can turn them into videos you can place them on YouTube. Since Google owns YouTube, the videos are displayed in Google search results.

Third, use social media to share your website content. Internet Radio shows that produce content on a regular basis offer your station the ability to gain a following in social media and grow their traffic. The key to social media success is to examining who you want to listen to your radio station. Sports stations can be successful sharing their shows on Twitter and Facebook; however, LinkedIn would be better for professional radio stations.

Understanding the difference between the social networks will help you understand the best social media system for your internet radio station.

Fourth, Radio stations can become income drivers once you have established the station. While you have a number of options, some of the most popular methods of building income streams on your radio station websites are:

  • Your website could use sponsored ads. Programs like Google AdSense and Seven Search can provide you with pay-per-click advertising revenue. The more people who click-through the advertisements the more money you make.
  • Pursue specific advertisers and offer them premium placement on your site. Make sure the advertisers pay you on a monthly basis for driving traffic to their site.
  • Sell products related to your radio station. If you have a pet-centered internet station then sell pet ebooks, or go through an affiliate site like Amazon or Ebay to sell the myriad of products these sites offer to pet owners. Leveraging existing sites products and services for a percentage of revenue will save you time, and allow you to focus on promoting your radio station.
  • If you created a physical product, but do not have the ability to manufacture and ship it, use Drop shipping companies. These companies are set up to help you produce and ship the products without inventory taking over your garage or spare bedroom.
  • The Internet Radio Star and the Website Manager

    While your internet radio station is the star of your online marketing efforts, your website becomes the manager making sure everything is coordinated in one central location. Use your website combined with your internet radio station for better results.