SAM Broadcaster Review

SAM Broadcaster

Price: $299.99

Creating your own radio station doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you plan on starting one as a career or just a hobby, the SAM Broadcaster program contains everything you need to get started. Encoding aacPlusv2, Ogg, WM9, mp3PRO and MP3 is simple. It can be played on Windows Media Player, Winamp, and many other programs. If you are looking for professional sound that delivers, SAM Broadcaster is a fantastic choice. Tracks can be previewed and reviewed before you air them. If you need to calculate a song’s beat per minute, this can be done with ease. Things like volume normalization, cross fading, and beat matching are also included. These features are only a fraction of the limitless capabilities this program has to offer.


SAM Broadcaster offers the full version of the software as a free 14 day trial. Installing SAM Broadcaster was remarkably simple. Some programs require you to go through hoops in order to have it functioning properly. With SAM Broadcaster, it was an easy two-step process. It downloaded and installed within no time. I was surprised with how quickly it was ready to use.

User Interface

sam broadcaster pro user interface The interface is excellent. What I really liked about this particular program’s interface was the design. It is very easy on the eye. All of the colors match and flow properly. Also, the controls were very clear. The play, pause, and fast forward buttons were all in plain sight. The equalization, sound boosting, or beat monitoring controls were placed in a logical spot. A lot of times programs can be confusing; there are too many controls that are not categorized in a logical order. The controls on the SAM Broadcaster were.


The documentation that comes included with the software was very useful. It would be a great idea to read the documentation before asking any general questions. Often, the questions will be answered for you within the SAM Broadcaster guide. It includes many help topics, such as Statistic Relays, Voice FX, and Encoders.


This program has many pros. File transfers are made easy, and the user interface was simple to navigate. The sound is very pristine, sharp, and clear. Often these types of programs do not allow you to re-name an audio track. The SAM Broadcaster does. It also allows for optimal organization. Creating new folders and pointing to them as necessary is just another great feature that this software provides. Additionally, I really found myself appreciating the automation features which came included in the package. I was able to run the station freely without having to be present. Many other programs don’t include this feature, which is a shame because it’s a great option to be able to mix both live or automated shows. This program is fantastic for any kind of online use. The SAM Broadcaster has many additional features for online usage, such as the ability to have callers broadcasted over the radio station via Skype. While they can call in with a normal phone, I thought having the extra Skype option showed how versatile the program could be. Also, it includes the ability for listeners to see recently and currently played tracks on my radio station’s website.


There is a learning curve in order to to handle all of the controls. However, the complexity of the program was made a lot simpler with the support team and community which made themselves readily available. Any questions I had were resolved quickly. I learned that the support team is very quick to answer any inquires via telephone or email. This was very useful. Overall, there were not many cons with the SAM Broadcaster system.


The SAM Broadcaster system is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to start their own online radio station. It includes a lot of key features which would be necessary to get started. It also has a plethora bonus features, and the interface was easy on the eyes. Even though there are so many options, the program is simple to navigate and manage. Overall, I would definitely recommend the SAM Broadcaster system to anyone looking to create a radio station.


Overall, a great solution for novice broadcasters


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