Top Five

Radio Boss Review

RadioBOSS is one of the few solutions which can mix traditional broadcasting with digital streaming formats. That puts it far ahead of many of its competitors, and it makes the software a common-sense solution for the community at large. Combined with its embrace of meta data, online stream mixing, and advanced scheduling features, the RadioBOSS software should be considered a strong contender for anyone looking to broadcast their message to the world. Continue reading

Station Playlist Review

StudioPlaylist Studio is one of the best products currently on the market for online broadcast automation. It packs an easy-to-use interface, a straightforward installation process, and robust customer documentation, that simply cannot be surpassed by lesser competitors. Whether they’re new to the industry or advanced in their skill set, entertainers will appreciate what StudioPlaylist brings to the table. Continue reading

DRS 2006 Review

Those internet broadcasters who are new to the field and haven’t used a software application to further their success will find that DRS 2006 is everything they’re looking for. It’s easy to use, it has a unique and intuitive interface, and it installs quite easily. The support resources available to users of the software are invaluable and robust, another sign that the company is sensitive to the concerns of novice broadcasters. Continue reading

SAM Broadcaster Review

The SAM Broadcaster system is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to start their own online radio station. It includes a lot of key features which would be necessary to get started. It also has a plethora bonus features, and the interface was easy on the eyes. Even though there are so many options, the program is simple to navigate and manage. Overall, I would definitely recommend the SAM Broadcaster system to anyone looking to create a radio station. Continue reading

Ots AV Radio Webcaster Review

OtsAV Webcaster is, overall, a powerful and highly flexible broadcasting solution that will help aspiring entertainers get their music and message online pretty quickly. Its interface is intimidating, but it’s backed up by thorough online documentation and direct company contact options which should console novice broadcasters and those new to the software itself. OtsAV also have a ‘Broadcaster’ edition that allows you to run a terrestrial radio station. Obviously the webcaster edition was not developed with web radio solely in mind and for this reason we wouldn’t recommend Ots AV for Internet webcasters. Continue reading