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Running a radio station used to be difficult. You needed a professional studio, plenty of space, bags of money, a college degree and tons of radio experience to get started.

However with the introduction of internet radio broadcasting, one of the biggest online trends in recent years has been a move toward independent broadcasting that uses a robust combination of streaming server technologies and appropriately advanced software solutions which allow for intricate mixing, volume controls, media library management, SHOUTcast broadcasting support, and a number of other great technologies which rival those used by the world’s typical FM and satellite-based radio stations.

That is where Top Radio Automation helps.  This site is dedicated to reviewing radio automation software solutions, so when it comes to making the decision of which software to buy, you are not alone.  We consider the installation process, ease of use, advantages and disadvantages, helping you to make an informed choice.

We hope you find the site helpful, if you have any feedback, please message us using the contact form.

To the success of your radio station,

The Top Radio Automation Team